The gentleman who sat in the aisle seat next to me on my flight back from Dallas to Atlanta last week was clearly unhappy. I assumed his frustration was at the airline and his having to request to move from his middle seat a few rows up to an aisle seat next to me, so although I quite honestly was tired and not feeling like being too accommodating at the moment, I put my attitude in check and offered to raise my armrest so he could be more comfortable. (click to continue…)


Stand Beneath the Weight of Your Actions and Decisions

July 21, 2014
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The ancient Romans were masters of architecture, and according to Roman legend, they were also quite adept at taking ownership of their decisions as well. It has been said that when an arch was near completion in ancient Rome, the Roman engineer responsible for designing and overseeing the construction had to stand directly beneath the center […]

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Look, Boss, I’m All Grown Up!

July 16, 2014
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One thing I enjoy about leading teams is finding young people with potential and helping them grow into great leaders. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed a lot of capable young leaders in thriving organizations who eventually become discouraged, disengaged, and leave for other opportunities.

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How to Avoid Crash Diet Leadership

July 14, 2014
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I came across a great quote in one of my Leadership Promises daily devotionals from last week: “Everyone is looking for a quick fix, but what they really need is fitness. People who look for fixes stop doing what’s right when pressure is relieved. People who pursue fitness do what they should no matter what […]

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Who You Gonna Pick?

July 10, 2014
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People get promoted. They leave for another job at another company. They make a lateral move for another job at the same company. They retire. And yet, when it’s inevitably time to fill a vacant or newly-created position, many leaders have no idea who they’re going to pick.

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