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How to Create a Fear-Based Culture

June 30, 2014
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In the 16th century philosophical piece, The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli, asserts that it is best for a leader to be both loved and feared, but if you can’t have both, then it’s better to be feared. After all, commitments made in fear are kept out of fear. And in a lot of cases, Machiavelli was probably right. […]

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Steward Your Standards

June 26, 2014
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“Stewardship” is one of those words that’s easy to talk about but much harder to live out. One of the most difficult things a leader must steward is his or her own standards.

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A Critique of Critical Leaders

June 24, 2014
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Sometimes I wonder if some leaders truly want to see their people succeed. For example, I see leaders delegate a task to a person on their team or an entire team itself, but instead of providing coaching and support along the way, they watch and criticize in how the individual or team goes about completing […]

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What Worries Your Leader?

June 19, 2014
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What are the top three or four things that worry your leader? Can you quickly answer that question? You should.

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Agreement? Optional. Support? Mandatory.

June 17, 2014
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If at any point in your lifetime you plan on being part of the workforce, know this: Your leader (or your leader’s leader) is going to make a decision that you disagree with. And you’re going to have to support it. It’s that simple.

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How Underdogs Become Leaders

June 9, 2014
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Like most everyone else who follows the Triple Crown races, I was rooting for California Chrome to win the Belmont Stakes this past weekend. I like that he started out this season as an unknown, but two men believed in him. His journey became an exciting one to follow! I’ve always been one to believe […]

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Watch Your Tone!

May 30, 2014
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I’ve noticed something prevalent lately among several confident leaders I know – how they use their tone. Or more specifically, how they use their tone when they’re stressed or frustrated or just downright angry. Recently a teammate of mine persuaded me to listen to a couple of voicemails I had left on her phone. I […]

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Unselfish Teamwork

May 27, 2014
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True leaders can appreciate real teamwork and what it can accomplish, even when that example of true teamwork comes from the opposing team. So, Thunder lovers (and Spurs haters), I’m going to have to ask you to put your team loyalties aside for a few moments and join me in witnessing true teamwork at best.

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People Are Always Listening (and Learning)

May 12, 2014
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What if the people you lead could only grow based on what they heard you say to others? What if people adopted the mood and outlook of your Facebook or Twitter posts? What if your teammates learned about your leadership philosophy not by what you said to them but by what you said to others […]

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Giving Respect… When It’s Not Due

May 8, 2014
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We live in a peculiar society that seems to waiver back and forth between what we feel we’re entitled to and what we believe others must earn.

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