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8 Things Better Than Making People Happy

April 29, 2015
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Making people happy. Sometimes that’s a leader’s ultimate goal, and it’s a nice one. What’s the flip side – an unhappy team? Nobody wants that! It feels good to know the people you lead feel good about their work. But happiness? I guess it’s all in how you define it. I view happiness as an […]

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6 Mistakes Leaders Under Pressure Make

April 13, 2015
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The pressure to simultaneously produce and lead well. The pressure to serve your leader, your peers, and your teammates while still meeting the needs of your clients. The pressure to meet all those deadlines and fulfill all those demands in the midst of unforeseen challenges and unexpected changes. The deadlines loom. The work piles up. […]

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Are You Competing or Completing?

March 10, 2015
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Here’s a question to reflect on: When you encounter a top performing peer, how do you view them? As a competitor who threatens your position, or as someone who can bring value to you and your organization? Same people. Same talents. Two very different approaches that lead to two very different organizational cultures.

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Leading Out of Fear

March 5, 2015
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I had a great conversation with a leader last week. He was discussing his successes as well as his challenges in business, and he shared a great insight that he’d come to realize: for quite some time, he’d been leading out of fear. I understood what he was talking about. I’ve been there. Maybe you […]

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What to Do When You’re Fed Up

February 26, 2015
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I had a great conversation with a colleague the other day, and like many coaching moments, it began with a great question: When you’re fed up leading a “problem” employee, how do you not let your frustrations impact the way you lead that person as well as the other people on your team? The truth […]

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It’s All in How You Recover

February 2, 2015
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Great recovery Jeri! Those were the judge’s words written on my daughter’s speech evaluation from her FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) competition last week. Jeri knew she messed up part of her speech, but nothing delighted me more than hearing from the judge that she recovered well! Jeri is already learning that how we […]

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Because It’s the Right Thing to Do

January 26, 2015
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You don’t always get to choose who you’ll lead. In fact, more often than not we do not get to choose our colleagues or our fellow volunteers. We rarely have much, if any, say in who’ll be our boss. Yet once we start working together, we often see areas where these teammates or fellow volunteers […]

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D is for Defensive

January 12, 2015
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Last week I wrapped up my leader performance/growth reviews. I had some great conversations with my leaders, and in addition to discussing their growth, I thoroughly appreciate their feedback on where they see opportunity for me to grow. One of the questions I ask each of my leaders to answer about me is, “What three […]

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In Pursuit of Gratefulness

December 22, 2014
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Gratefulness has become a theme of sorts this year among the organizations I have the opportunity to lead. We are focusing on being grateful for all of our blessings, and we are also learning to be grateful in the midst of the most difficult of circumstances. In easy times, gratefulness is an effortless feeling. In […]

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Got Mo?

November 6, 2014
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Momentum… a leader’s best friend. There is no better feeling than having the big Mo behind you!  It’s hard to get started, but once you have it, it’s hard to shut down. When we have momentum, we’re excited, confident, and productive individually and as a team. Positive momentum gives you confidence. In fact, wise leaders […]

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