Are You Caught in Friendly Fire?

February 9, 2017
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You don’t need military experience for the words “friendly fire” to send a chilling and angry awareness through your spine. Someone was harmed but it wasn’t by our enemy – it was by someone on our own side, someone who was supposed to be fighting with us, not against us. Friendly fire happens in business […]

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On Kindness and Encouragement

June 13, 2016
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I‘ve had the opportunity to get to know a lot of great people in my 25-plus years of being connected to Express Employment Professionals, but I don’t know if I’ve met a kinder, more encouraging person than Ralph Palmen. Ralph racked up some very impressive professional accomplishments in his lifetime, but I think he’ll be remembered […]

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It’s All in Your Head

October 30, 2015
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Paranoia. Is there a more unbecoming leadership trait? Paranoid leaders spend their days assuming negative things are bound to happen or that others are plotting against them. The sad thing about paranoid leaders is most of them didn’t start out that way. Rather, paranoia often begins with one bad experience or one failed relationship. Instead […]

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You Can’t Fake Appreciation

July 12, 2015
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Have you ever been the recipient of fake appreciation? We probably all have at one time or another. Fake appreciation is discouraging, and most times it’s worse than no appreciation at all. Sometimes the leaders’ intentions are good, but their efforts fall short. Here are a few all-too-common examples: Two Scoops of Motivation If your […]

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Keep it Going!

September 7, 2014
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In an effort to “keep it going,” we will resume blogging on leadership this week, and what better topic to start off with than Keep it Going?! But what does that mean, keep it going? Keep what going? With our loss still fresh in our world, here are my top 10 leader lessons that are […]

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When to Wear The Mask

September 9, 2013
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I’ve blogged about my perspective on a leader’s mask in the past. Although authenticity is one of the most essential and admired leadership traits, there are times when the leader must wear a mask to protect the team from bearing a burden that is the responsibility of the leader to bear. However, too much masking […]

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Do You Lead Like Barney?

June 20, 2013
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One of my favorite television shows way back when was The Andy Griffith Show. One of the reasons it was my favorite was because of that funny little character that made me laugh, Barney Fife. Barney was Andy’s deputy. While they both had authority, their leadership styles were very different. Andy didn’t carry a gun […]

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Let it Go

March 28, 2013
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“Just the very act of letting go of money, or some other treasure, does something within us. It destroys the demon ‘greed.’” – Richard Foster Letting go is hard. As leaders, we can be greedy, struggling to let go of the intangibles that we believe define who we are or the importance of what we […]

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A Final Look Back on 2012

December 27, 2012
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Before you move on to 2013, let’s give 2012 one last glance! I’m not one to look back very often. I’m too thrilled about what is in store for the future. But I do respect the past because it plays such an important role in forming who we are. We learn through our experiences (good […]

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The Real Reason Behind Conflict at Work

December 13, 2012
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“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” – Variations attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt & Socrates Discussing people…otherwise known as “gossip.” Yuck! The word itself sounds so trite, yet if we are honest, how many of us would say we have engaged in this ugly little activity that causes so much […]

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