Are You Caught in Friendly Fire?

February 9, 2017
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You don’t need military experience for the words “friendly fire” to send a chilling and angry awareness through your spine. Someone was harmed but it wasn’t by our enemy – it was by someone on our own side, someone who was supposed to be fighting with us, not against us. Friendly fire happens in business […]

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10 Qualities of Healthy Debate

March 25, 2016
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The ability to have healthy debate is a hallmark of a healthy team. Healthy debate allows us to share our thoughts, opinions, and even passionately disagree without causing harm or hurting the relationship. Unhealthy debates…well, just look at the most recent string of presidential debates (and the political process as a whole). When we can’t […]

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How to Survive Under a Crappy Boss

March 10, 2016
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I’ve written before on how to handle a difficult (okay, maybe crappy) employee, and while I’m tempted to write on how to handle a crappy president or president elect, I won’t. Ha! Today, I’ve been asked to write about how to survive under a crappy boss. Here are five tips:

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How to Tackle a Tough Conversation

February 29, 2016
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In last week’s webinar on stewarding your company culture in uncertain times, one participant asked about how they should go about talking to a colleague who was violating the company’s culture or non-negotiables. Regardless of your personality or communication style, here are some helpful guidelines when confronting a teammate or peer.

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When You and Your Teammate Just Don’t Get Along

October 22, 2015
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You’ve probably encountered this challenge if you’ve worked long enough or in a company large enough. You and another teammate just can’t seem to get along. Maybe you didn’t get off on the right foot. Maybe it was all a misunderstanding, or maybe the interpersonal conflict is intentional. Maybe they don’t like the way you […]

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6 Characteristics of Passionate Employees

April 4, 2014
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Are there people who do not have a passion for anything? Is passion an essential ingredient for a successful employee? Should our employees bring the passion, or is it up to us to create it?

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Polished vs. Authentic

February 3, 2014
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I had coffee with a young emerging leader this week. She is learning leadership by the bootstraps (the best way in my opinion). During our conversation she said, “sometimes leaders can be too polished.” We went on to discuss how leaders that are too polished want to make leadership look good. They want to say […]

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It’s About the Numbers!

January 20, 2014
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If you want to be a good leader you have to realize that it is all about the numbers. Producing the numbers is more important than anything else in business. Most of my clients will be astonished with this point of view. Let me be clear: A leader who cannot produce the numbers will not […]

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Don’t Get Owned

September 6, 2013
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I was talking to another leader about a situation she recently encountered with a teammate. In short, the teammate was being difficult and rude to the leader, and the leader, in turn, got upset. The encounter messed up her entire day. She was frustrated and unsure of how to deal with it. As she told […]

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You Go First

August 29, 2013
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When something’s broken on our team or in our organization, we typically look beyond ourselves for the fix. We want our leader or our leader’s leader or the leaders at the top of organization to Do Something. In fact, we often spend so much time and effort trying to get other people to do things […]

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